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This Wood Making Machine can take sawdust wood rice husk coconut shell & other woody material into briquette which can be used in boiler heating & warming After carbonization the briquette will become charcoal used in BBQ Production process of Wood Making Machine (1) Crushing the raw materials into size no bigger

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is another name for hull and chaff is the hard protecting coating on a seed or grain of It is a major by-product of the mill and agro-based biomass industry I design parameter Model: SZL10-25/400-SW Capacity: 10t/h Steam pressure: 25MPa Steam temperature: 400C

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· Rice husk (RH) is an abundantly available inexpensive agro waste with several industrially important chemicals and properties such as composition surface adsorption strength bulk density calorific values abrasion etc Therefore it has been widely modified and used in different applications including fuel for boilers fillers in rubbers fodder for animals and a source of different materials such as and

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is an abundantly available waste in all producing countries and it contains about 30%50% of organic carbon In the course of a typical milling process the are removed from the raw grain to reveal whole brown which upon further milling to remove the bran layer will yield white

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By burning rice husk in boilers 25% of its weight turn to rice huskRHA About 55 kg (25%) of RHA is produced by burning 220 kg (22%) of husk as a result of 1000 kg of paddy milled RHA production is estimated to be about 70 million tons each year all around the world

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