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are weak organic acids that are injected into boiler feedwater in the neutralized sodium salt form The water hydrolyzes the chelant producing an organic anion The degree of hydrolysis is a function of pH; full hydrolysis requires a relatively high pH

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8411 Ammonium and economizerare functionally equivalent to those in a conventional Additional burners (duct firing) may be included to increase the gas temperature and capacity of an HRSG to meet peak demand although this is not generally used to increase the baseload capacity in

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is not soluble in water while is Here of course we draw a distinction between and An effective and expeditious but not very good plan to is to throw in a few wood shavings * From Marten's Explosions and the boiling point 167 all along the bottom and set them on fire

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A is a closed vessel generally made of steel in which water is heated by some source of heat produced by combustion of fuel and ultimately to generate

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Carryover of impurities from water to is also inherent to operation Though separation devices in drum remove most water droplets carried by some residual droplets containing small amounts of dissolved solids always carry through with the Also at higher pressures there is some vaporous carryover

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