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What is a ? are a special type of that generates steam by removing the from a process that would have otherwise been wasted are therefore able to provide significant reductions in fuel and energy expenses as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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For - and economizers the tube material is normally carbon steel If the is recovered from process gases containing hydrogen it is important particularly at high steam-pressure levels to check the tube material for hydrogen embrittlement using ref2 in which case a molybdenum or low-chrome steel may be necessary

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· New Car Deals News Videos Talking Cars Podcast A condensing concentrates water vapor produced in the process and uses

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· A of the water-tube design is able to cope with much higher pressures of steam than a fire-tube but it is more difficult to construct and install Inside this type of there are narrower tubes than inside a fire-tube and the tubes contain water instead of hot gases

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The fire tube single shell is a simple low cost solution for sub-critical waste heat boiler applications Used when boiler steam quality is not a primary concern Design allows for small vapor space (limiting flexibility for handling rapid process condition changes)

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· The is a cast iron oil-fired boiler with an efficiency of up to 867% AFUE It is constructed to be flexible corrosion-resistant and designed to resist thermal shock The unit is covered in 3 of thermal insulation to reduce heat loss The boiler has a full-swing door for facilitated servicing

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