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Neste rejects NGO claim that its renewable aviation fuel

Wed 30 Jan 2019 - Renewable producer Neste has rejected a report by Biofuel Watch that claims the Finnish company is palm oil in its aviation product Neste is the world's largest producer of renewable diesel and the world's largest company producing renewable from waste and residue raw materials It is also said to between one and two per cent of the world's palm oil

What Fuel Of Boiler Using Ngo Fuel

It is essential that the share of local and renewable energy (fuel-wood) increases each year reducing the proportion of natural gas In 2012 378% of heat energy was produced from wood but 586% from natural gas in houses but in 2015 the share of natural gas has decreased by 206% while the share of wood has increased by 23%

live bunkers What is the difference between MDO and MGO

pumps running continuously during periods when the / burner is in standby position may heat up causing the temperature of the to increase and thereby the viscosity to decrease In this case the control of the pumps should be considered too

USA: Society for Gas as Marine Fuel to Be Established as NGO

Following a decision to proceed by the Board of Directors of the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) at its spring meeting in Houston on 16 May the Society for Gas as a Marine (SGMF) is to be established as a new () The

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