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HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Mix all ingredients thick

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Mixes include: Non Fat Reduced Fat True Soft Serve Mixes from 10% 11% 12% 14% 16% 18% Bases Customers can choose from All Natural Mixes to economical mixes Sizes range from 1/2 Gal Cartons Gal Jugs 5 Gallon Bags totes to tanker trucks

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· is homogenized (2500 to 3000 psi) to decrease the fat globule size to form a better emulsion and contribute to a smoother creamier

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(Chinese supply)Mehen For the owner who doesnt have a pasteurization machine this is an ideal alternative one with a low running cost but still can achieve good quality

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Our Ice Cream are expressly designed and engineered for the preparation of hot mixes for ice cream or other gastronomic specialties An ideal equipment for melting and heating all powders solid and thick ingredients MEHEN Ice Cream Mixing Boiler Models: MAX8(8 ltr ) MAX12(12 ltr) Ice Cream Mixing Boiler cylinder capacity: 8 liter 12 liter 2) Condenser ofiler: Air or water

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In large-scale production the ice cream mix flows through From there it is pumped to a plate heat exchanger where it is pre-heated to 73-75°C After homogenization at 14 to 20 MPa (140-200 bar) the mix is returned to the plate heat exchanger and pasteurized at 83 to 85 °C for about 15 seconds

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