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Ridge Farm Industries: Boiler Ultra-Compressor | Tape Op

While the studio no longer operates I learned that its chief tech Pierre-Olivier Margerand (known as POM) now manufactures gear as Ridge Farm Industries There are two products: a direct box called the Gas Cooker [Tape Op #54]; and this compressor the Boiler

Ridge Farm Industries Boiler | The Office | Reverb

Very rare Ridge Farm Industries Boiler "Ultra-Compressor" - stereo VCA compressorAmazing on on drum bus or room mics; also excellent as a parallel kick/snare crush compressor

Ridge Farm Industries Boiler - Dual Compressor

The Industries "Boiler" is a very high quality all solid state twin channel ultra designed to meet the exacting requirements of the audio industry It will dramatically change your way of recording and mixing drums percussion vocals guitars bass and more

The Panhandle House | Equipment

Ultra Limiter/ Dangerous Music Stereo Neve 32264a (2) UREI 1178 Stereo API 225L (3) Daking 91579 Fet (4) Tube Tech CL1B Tube Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor (2) Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso UBK Mod (2)

What about Ridge Farm stuff? - Gearspace

· I made a new based on everything that people kept asking me to do over the past 20 years I could not face keeping modifying the old one anymore!!! It has all the mods as standard : The Joe Barressi Distortion the Michael Brauer High Pass filter a new fine Threshold Variable Attack and Release Parallel Compression mix facility a mix

Ridge Farm Industries Boiler - Ultra Compressor

2 channel solid state VCA ultra limiter-compressor Rare 'Ridge Farm Industries' Boiler Ultra Amazing on drum bus loops room mics for aggressive pumping sounds; it also excels as a parallel compressor for kick and snare crush synth

Got an "original" blackface Ridge Farm Boiler today

· Hello All Thought i'd post about The POM Valve which was hand built by Pierre-Olivier Margerand (POM) in 1997 It was the second ever POM valve built It is a Valve Class A optical based on the Gas Cooker circuit but with an extra compression stage a bit like the LA2A

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