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· Benson Boiler It is a high-pressure water tube boiler and it works on the principle of Critical pressure both liquid and gas are under the state of equilibrium(balanced condition) Thus the water entering at pressure will be

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The D type boilers has The steam drum is at the top and the water drum is located at the bottom of the whole system The water wall tubes are connected either to the top and bottom headers or to the bottom header and the steam drum

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· Bend or Sterling is the developed version of The of bend is more or less same as other but it utilizes four drums Construction of Bend Three drums are

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Working Principle of Water Tube Boiler The working principle of water tube boiler is (circulation of natural water) Basically this type of boiler includes two drums namely steam lower or mud drum The water tube boiler diagram is shown below and these two drums are associated via two tubes such as downcomer and riser At first the water is supplied into the steam type drum with the help of a

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The was the original type of water-tube boiler that operated on the thermo-siphon principle (see Figure 335) Cooler feedwater is fed into a drum which is placed longitudinally above the heat source The cooler water falls down a rear circulation header into

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