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In horizontal shell the rises with increasing load (due to the presence of more steam being below the in the ) As it does so the surface area (steam release area) will decrease because as the is above the centre line of the

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Silica concentration in water is commonly less than although concentrations higher than are not unusual Concentrations exceeding are possible in brines and brackish water Silica and silicates are added to water as conditioners detergents and corrosion inhibitors

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The glass tubular bicolour gauge fabricated by our is a primary meter of by using the optical principles and is applicable for drum of high and medium pressure and water tanks When water and coexisting in the water Side of the gauge is green in colour the side is red in Full of water the whole turns green if the gauge is fullof it turns red

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- plant - plant is much less tolerant of high TDS and even less so as the pressure increases This is due to a number of reasons including: - have a limited surface area in the steam drum relative to the evaporation rate

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glass is made from almost pure (SiO2 999%) that makes it a heat proof glass that makes it a heat proof glass It is resistant to and strong acids (excluding hydrofluoric acid) and low resistance (as compared with other types of glass) to alkali glass has a high melting point and a low coefficient of thermal expansion which makes it resistant to sudden changes in temperature

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Sludge is the accumulation of solids that precipitate in the bulk or enter the as suspended solids Sludge deposits can be hard dense and tenacious When exposed to high heat (eg when a is drained hot) sludge deposits are often baked in place Sludge deposits hardened in this way can be as troublesome as

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