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Let me know if we can any other for you 7 I observed that some industrial plants having small package do not practice deaerator system What should be the rating requirement to have deaerator Thank you for your We suggest using a deaerator when: 1 Your plant operates over 75 psig

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Top 50 second class boiler operator question and answer 30 Improper mixtures of gas and air cause soot in boiler flues (True ) 31 A low-water cut-off device does not affect the fuel to the boiler when the water level drops Ans: False

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Correct : Option D 8 Blow offcock in a is used to (A) Controlthe flow of steam from the to the main pipe and to shut off the steamcompletely when required (B) Emptythe when required and to discharge the mud scale or sediments which areaccumulated at the bottom of the

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· The Contents of operation engineering 1 introduction 2 High Pressure 3 Auxiliaries 4 Mountings and Accessories 5 Operation Inspection and Maintenance 6 Calculations 7 Draught 8 Primary Fuels 9 Principles of Combustion 10 The Chemistry of Combustion 11 Coal Pulverization 12

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Steam | Steam Objective Type and 1 Which of the following is best suited to meet the fluctuating demand of steam A Locomotive The economiser is used in to A Increase thermal efficiency of


· INTERVIEW Today we discussed about some multiple choice and related to power plant these are very helpful for which do preparation for BOE ( OPERATION ENGINEER ) EXAM and also for ENERGY MANGER EXAM and also for those people which prepared

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you will find here the large collection of solved Steam MCQs for Licensing Examination Power plant thermodynamics and Mechanical engineering in

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