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· The growth mechanism is similar as in the gas phase in a high temperature regime under vacuum or in an inert routes may lead to a reproducible fabrication method of crystalline nanocarbons In fact natural MWCNTs appear always associated with rocks of origin Formation of MWCNT in hydrocarbon fluids in supercritical conditions has been previously observed always associated with the presence of substantial amounts of amorphous carbon in the

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From the early and comparatively simple types of generator such as that was then allowed to condense so that the atmospheric pressure forced down the It may be either internally or externally fired the heating agent in the latter In the water tube boiler generally the process is

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· As the inner of the reactor reached the desired (22 MPa 24 MPa) the of the maintained for a certain period The holding time was controlled at 30 min To finish the process was released by discharging the steam to a condenser and then the water was guided to a large water tank

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· The should be maintained 5 kg/cm2 that means above to prevent ingress of air Every day should be

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When rising hot water reaches a depth of about half a mile (1 km) where the pressure of overlying fluid (hydrostatic pressure) has decreased to about 30 times boiling occurs Bubbles of steam rise through the water and migrate to the surface carrying most of the gases that were dissolved in the water (carbon dioxide sulfide hydrogen nitrogen and helium)

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The process including introducing into a system an alkaline water-soluble volatile non-aromatic amine having a point no higher than 171° C at and no lower than 0° C at and capable of volatilizing with the and with the and dissolving in the condensed steam

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The invention relates to a reaction container comprising at least one -resistant main tank (1) and an equalisation tank (2) which is connected to the main tank (1) and has a relief valve (9) through which gaseous products can be guided out of the equalisation tank (2) towards the outside The invention also relates to a method for producing molecular sieves especially

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