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· 1 gallon 138 : 5: 1 factors are for end-use consumption in 2019 from Monthly Energy Review May 2020 excluding wood; preliminary data

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· Fuels like oil and natural gas can have minor differences in their BTU content but it's a

392: Environment- Heating Values of Various Fuels

Our value is not close to the USDA LHV but it matches the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) value for the HHV of BTU/gal The Higher Heating Value is the enthalpy change for reaction (1) which includes the heat released when 4 mol of gaseous water from the combustion cool to 25 o C so its value is more negative than the LHV by four times the heat of condensation of water (20432 + 4 x (-44) =

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· 57000 /gal: Ethanol : 76000 /gal: Oil: Kerosene; 135000 /gal #2;

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