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Tube temperatures should be kept in most cases to avoid this type of corrosion Vanadium-containing fuel oils cause great corrosion accelerated at above 640°C owing to the fluxing action of molten vanadium complexes As with coal additives can

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With any type of fuel corrosion and fouling potentials rapidly increase below gas temperatures of 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) which is the water dew point for flue gases Cold-end corrosion and deposition are usually much less severe in - than in oil- units

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hydronic heating operating settings are LO-120-160 HI-180-200 °F At 200 °F we'll see should see pressure under 30 psi operating observed at the gauge will be below the high and can be as low as nighttime room in non-heating season if no tankless is in use

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the of the water around the (typically 120 to 200 °F) the flow rate of water through the in gpm (typically 1-5 gpm but possibly faster) That analysis is possible but is so complex and so theoretical as to be unlikely to describe an arbitrarily-selected home heating using a tankless

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The boiler has a maximum steam outlet pressure of 162 MPa and a temperature of and feed water maximum temperature of 252 o C The unit plant has a turbine to convert to convert thermal energy of steam into mechanical shaft rotation The turbine has three pressure stages high pressure intermediate pressure and low pressure

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