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· If a boiler system is heating the greenhouse it can probably be modified to deliver the The existing boiler capacity should be adequate as the heat is just being redirected from fin or pipe radiation to the

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The thermal mass is not enough if there are more than 2 days of rain/cloudy I installed a Chinese propane instant heater in the loop but it will only stay on for 10 min (safety circuit) This really helps because the propane is the air and also the

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tube is distinct from conventional fire tube tube are more efficient than fire tube generating more but using less They are also much safer than fire tube and easier to manage when it comes to routine inspections and maintenance Product Advantages: 1Good heat transfer

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A system is a long-term investment and should function economically reliably and effectively for many years Important considerations for a system are requirement (eg 50000 Btu/hour) type of and type of

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