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Short Description: CR 6032 series intelligent level sensor is based on capacitance principle It uses positron-emission tomography technology to and analyze the dielectric constant of liquid and vapor mediumtemperaturepressure and other parameters in the cylinder After the microprocessor processing the output conforms to the industrial standard 4-20mA current

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Highly efficient ultrasonic transducer - up to temperatures of 280 °C and pressures up to 450 bar; Direct path layout; Intelligent self-diagnostics; Compact robust design; log book and data logger; Large measuring range 1:120; Bidirectional ; Low power consumption: 1 W

Density Compensation For Steam Drum Level Measurement

· If the water is at the operating level 18 above the lower the weight of water on the low pressure would be only 132 and the weight of the 32 of steam above it would add 16 for a total of 148 above the lower reading -32 relative to

Control Engineering | Density compensation for steam drum

· Lt = ( Dr* (Lr Lb) + Lb*Dw Lc*Ds ) / (Dw Ds) Note that there is a potential division by zero error at the end This makes physical sense because above supercritical pressures and temperatures (3189 PSIG and 705°F) the supercritical fluid in the drum would not have a surface level to

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