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Solid Fuel Advantages and disadvantages of solid No need in the electrical or gas grid; Proper serving and maintenance of a solid will provide a life expectancy of around 20 years; Wood and coal are the cheapest of fuel; Wood and coal never leak; Coal is not the best option if it goes about the environment

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· There are also a large number of boilers that run on gas and/or oil Of course within this group of boilers there are distinctions among fuel types and #2 fuel oil are the most prevalent Finally some boilers forsake the more traditional types of

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· Simple Guide to the Different Six Different Oil There are a total of six different fuel oil: residual oils and distillate Propane Another common is propane and it

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The primary boiler fuels are and Oil and gas involve the simplest controls since they can be measured easily and flow is regulated by a control valve in the fuel line

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of used in Different uses different kinds of depending on the mechanism of a specific vessel Each has its distinct chemical properties that either favours or disfavours its use in some particular boiling vessel Fuels exist in solid liquid or gaseous form and none of which makes one more

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