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Every 40°F reduction in the gas temperature results in a 1% improvement Operation Turbulators can be a cost-effective way to reduce the stack temperature and increase the fuel-to-steam efficiency of single-pass horizontal return tubular (HRT) brick-set boilers and older two- and three-pass oil and natural-gas-fueled firetube

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: The (HRT) have been more widely used in United States of America It is characterized by simplicity and cheapness The consists of the combination of grate fire brick bridge wall fire and ash doors ash pit combustion space cylindrical shell fire tube and smoke box

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(HRT) has a horizontal cylindrical shell containing several tubes with the fire located directly below the shell usually within a brickwork setting Admiralty-type direct tube boiler

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· has a horizontal cylindrical shell containing several tubes with a fire located directly below the boiler shell typically within a brickwork framework

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When speaking of HRT is the acronym for: Select one: a b riveted c heated

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A (HRT) is an internally fired boiler t/f False The recommended guidelines for the care of is listed under what section of ASME Code?

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The age limit of a horizontal return tubular flue or cylinder boiler having a longitudinal lap joint and operating at a pressure in excess of 0345 MPa or 345 bar gage shall be

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