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The condensate and feed supply feedwater into the to the main drum Exhaust gases from the in the back pass section preheat this water in the economizer section prior to the feedwater entering the drum The water in the drum is in saturation conditions for the operating pressure and temperatures of the boiler

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In modulating generation systems feedwater flow is controlled by varying the speed of the feedwater using a variable speed drive Flow varies directly with speed because Clayton Industries uses a positive displacement For example at 40% of output the

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continuous water flow vs | Powerhouse Understanding the vs debate will help in The water flows through the smaller diameter tubes while the A specialized feedwater is used to continuously the feedwater through the coil

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The FC-OSSG system pumps water and by weight 20% converts to steam which results in a maximum steam content of 20% in the heat-absorbing tubes The OTSG operates with a maximum content of 80% in the heat-absorbing tubes which means 80% of the water evaporates into

Unfired Steam Generators (USG)

Feed Water As the makes steam it is necessary to replenish the boiled off water This method uses a feed water which is connected to the make up water line and is started and stopped from a signal from the level controller A solenoid valve and check valve is supplied between the and the unfired AUTOMATIC BLOW DOWN OPTIONS Automated Blow Down - Timer Method Unfired

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A specialized feedwater is used to continuously the feedwater through the coil A uses a once through forced flow design to convert the incoming water to during the single pass through the water coil As water passes through the coil the heat is transferred from the hot gases which causes the water to convert to The design does not utilize a drum where the of a

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