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The Iowa Division Some water heating used for pools or spas are regulated by the Iowa Department of Public Health More information can be found by reviewing the Iowa Code and Administrative Rules Boilers and Pressure Vessels Covered by Iowa Law

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Water heaters for potable water if the capacity is less than or equal to 50 gallons the burner input rating is less than or equal to 50000 Btu and the maximum allowable working is less than 160 psi Effective July 1 2018 the capacity limits will increase to 120 gallons and 20000 Btu's Heating in a

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5 cubic feet in volume and 250 psi design pressure 3 cubic feet in volume and 350 psi design pressure and psi design pressure Unfired pressure vessels having an inside diameter not exceeding 6 with no limitation on length or pressure of vessel

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Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Division The Division ofiler Due to the potential risks and hazards involved with the usage of boilers and pressure vessels the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act was adopted to safeguard

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Steam Heating Boilers Operating Pressure Settings Residential steam heating systems are almost always designed to operate at very low pressures typically one psi Click to enlarge and you can see the

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High boiler and vessel construction or repair Overseeing operation of high boiler and vessels Inspection of high and vessels (4) pay the $25 fee The fee for the Indiana inspector license test is $100 if you would like to sit for the test please notify the Department at [email protected]

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