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M-Line are a line of completely welded made entirely of a super austenitic marine alloy Its compact structure is an integration of innovative material with detailed engineering for effective use with high fluid velocities and low pressure drops designed specifically for salt water pool applications

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Specialises in: Services and Steam Generation Heating and Oil Spill Equipment Edco AS EDCO AS is a leading supplier of galley and laundry equipment to the market

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The condenser is a which removes the latent heat from exhaust steam so that it condenses and can be pumped back into the boiler More in a feed system /steam turbines ; The gland steam condenser drains cooler and low-pressure feed heater are all of the shell and tube type Each is used in some particular way to recover heat from


manufacturing repairs sales of steel work and pipework constructions and repairs projects fire aalbong aq-9 type ; sunrod type and pin tubes; tube plate repair; d type fw & bw & mitsubishi etc

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Marine Heat Exchangers Bowman There are three methods employed for water-cooled marine petrol and diesel engines: direct and keel cooling Direct cooling of the cylinders and heads by sea-water is unsatisfactory because the - which was probably originally designed for radiator cooling - will run too cold and the sea-water will eventually ruin the

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are designed to optimize heat transfer from one gas or liquid to another during processing and Clean-in-place (CIP) Degraded performance from fouling or aging results in extra operating and energy costs to compensate for gaps in the target temperature

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ORCA Systems has been manufacturing high quality and cooling systems since 1973 Our kits include everything needed to convert a raw water cooled to a long lasting treated water system which can be easily installed even when a boat is in the water Matching of and system kits to the exact requirements of a particular has been a hallmark of ORCA

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Our main brand name in exhaust gas economizers waste recovery and thermal fluid heaters is Aalborg Specialises in: Automation Controllers and Sensors and Steam Generation and Inert Gas Systems Alfa Laval

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· Its -up speed came in just behind the 11-gallon Kuumas 1500-watt element Operating in the mode the Quick quickly transferred the engine-derived energy to the potable water supply Because of this efficiency a mixer valve would prove to be a valuable ally

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