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- Series 180 rise to the extreme demands of the steam market Made of a special proprietary rubber these are designed to be used at operating pressures of up to 180 PSI and upwards of 380°F in saturated steam temperatures

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· - Series 180 are quick and easy to install They conform to the mating

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Distributor of from - including bolt elliptical obround round & specially shaped Other products include burner housings diffusers refractory tile fiberglass & ceramic rope & tapes Specialization in repair kits & stock of over 200 different sizes of -

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WARE's equipment is from the top in the industry for both industrial and commercial applications that's guaranteed to give you reliable performance and unmatched savings - makes neoprene hand hole and manway We stock many sizes ready to ship the same day! See All - Parts - Product

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-® Series 180 are quick and easy to install They conform to the mating surfaces and need no adhesive or additional material When servicing they are simple to remove and peel away easily and cleanly Optimal Cost Using -® Series 180 can prolong life avoiding seepage and corrosion and reduced

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The -® Co has been manufacturing and selling molded rubber around the world for over forty years We make to fit every steam in production today and our are internationally recognized and renowned for their high quality exceptional performance and

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materials are as diverse as the themselves Phelps material inventory includes full spectrum of compressed elastomeric and non-elastomeric materials and is available to meet a wide range of Military Oil & Gas Refinery Water Treatment and a

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MOLDED AJAX Solid Construction from - branded EPDM for higher temperatures and pressures required by the new type For added benefit can be produced utilizing the trusted and worldwide respected -® proprietary compound The -® compound is specifically formulated to have excellent resistance to steam hot and cold water in

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-® are produced to fit all that are in production today These molded rubber Handhole & Manhole are quick and easy to install -® conform to the mating surfaces and require no addition material Additionally they are easy to remove when servicing and peel away cleanly Using -® reduces down-time by avoiding seepage and

topog e boiler gasket suppliers in kuala lumpur

| Phelps Industrial Products Topog-E® makes the original molded rubber gaskets that prolong boiler life and are available in sizes to fit every boiler Special sizes water hydrant and READ MORE Topog-E Gasket

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