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JFORALL RSBJ k oil tank digital is used as a transmitter to measure temperature usually matched with display instruments recording meter and electronic computer It can directly measure from 0ºC to 1800ºC of liquid vapor gas medium and solid surface during

S B R pt-rh precious metal temperature sensor Kiln ceramic

pt-rh precious metal temperature Kiln ceramic probe platinum is a traditional temperature measuring element with stable thermoelectric properties and strong oxidation resistance The long-term use temperature is 1600 ° C and the short-term use temperature is 1800 ° C The outer cover is 99% pure corundum and the inner is high-purity platinum-rhodium alloy wire

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Thermocouples Ideal for precision temperature measurements where minimal displacement and a fast response is required Heavy Duty Thermocouples For industrial applications such as furnaces kilns ovens flues etc Many types of sheath material available ATEX/IECEx Approved

K J T R S C Type E B Thermocouple Probe Furnace

which combines a positive of a platinum-rhodium alloy containing 70% platinum and 30% rhodium with a negative of platinum rhodium containing 94% platinum and 6% rhodiumB probe is more resistant to heat and mechanical stress thantype andwithstands 1800°C max

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The is used for high temperature applications and has a higher percentage of Rhodium than the which makes it more expensive has the same performance as and can be used for low temperature applications because of its stability and high accuracy It has a temperature range of -58o F to 2700o F : The is used for very high temperature applications in the BioTech

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(Platinum / Rhodium) Composed of a positive leg which is approximately 14% chromium 14% Silicon and 846% Nickel a negative leg which is approximately 44% Silicon 956% Nickel When protected by compacted mineral insulation and appropriate outer sheath is usable from 871 to 1704°C (1600 to 3100°F)

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· Second the three noble metal thermocouples are Similarly to the it designed with high temperatures sensing capabilities However is more expensive than since it composed with a higher percentage of Rhodium Here all about the : Lead material used: Platinum Rhodium (+) Platinum (-)

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Large inventories of mineral insulated cables and raw materials for fast delivery In-house manufacturing produce high quality and custom designs a few can match specifications with complete testing: RDT C7-6T ASTM E-235 ASTM-E585 MIL-T-23234A E-608

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