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Real-time monitoring energy efficiency and performance

· The tools are organized as follows: a bimodal parameter estimator to detect deviations of the efficiency of the from nominal values in both condensing and noncondensing mode; a virtual sensor for the estimation of the water mass flow rate; filters to detect actuator and sensor faults possibly due to and sensing problems


MULTI SIMULATION IN INFERENCE EVALUATION OF STEAM EMISSION Mincho Hadjiski Kosta Boshnakov Nikolinka Christova Apostol Terziev Department of Automation in Industry University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy-Sofia Kliment Ohridski Blvd 8 1756 Sofia Bulgaria E-mails: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] KEYWORDS commercial operation

Monitoring of Water and Steam Chemistry for Steam

· First poor chemistry or poor (or both) can allow unacceptable carryover of excess impurities to the steam The second reason is that the highest heat fluxes occur within the evaporators (as is the same with conventional

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