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Appliance Cost ; Fuel Savings ; (GALLON) Natural (THERM) Propane (GALLON) Electricity (KWH) ***Average annual days based on of data from 2000 through 2011 provided by US Energy Information Administration

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Although used as an essential utility extensively in process industries especially in and plants methodology for hot system is not well documented in the open literature

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Heat output for your home heating is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit) One ton of pellets has about 136 million BTU and heating oil has about 115000 BTU per gallon So one ton of heating oil Consumers heating living areas directly with a pellet stove can achieve a 20-40% gain in energy efficiency* Savings may vary by household but is estimated here at

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· L Heating value for ambient air Q 1 (101+188 (t 2 0 )=203472÷3600x101+188×0007x70-30=2313kw Heating value for evaporating moisture Q =9554÷3600x2490+188×70-12561)=6224kw Heating value for wet material

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Fuel Compare prices of fuel to electricity hardwood natural LP /propane coal and fuel *Seasoned wood can vary a great deal in Btu content depending on the species burned During the season the average home uses between 50 & 150 million Btus of energy Using the above efficiency and net Btu figures with current pricing of available fuels the chart below shows what

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Wood Heat sells wood and coal stoves fireplaces and fireplace inserts

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12 Direct method In the direct method the boiler efficiency is directly defined by the exploitable heat output from the boiler and by the fuel power of the boiler: where output is the exploitable heat output from boiler and input the fuel power of the boiler

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