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IBR - 1950 : Reg 626

Note 1- Recovery - The boiler feed water used shall be completely de-mineralized and also the boiler feed water and boiler water shall be conditioned in accordance with high working at /cm2 and above (see IS : 4343-1967**)

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Power Weight [ Equipment/(/hr) of steam] for a 100kW Generator ~2 per /hr of steam ~5 per /hr of steam (Weight increases with temperature/) Maximum Work Potential (Based on second law limitation) Base is 1 Bar 100C liquid water for all 672 kJ/ for 500°C super-heated steam 1973 kJ/ for 1300°C superheated steam

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can advise you on treatments required on the make-up water by providing calculations on mass balance in the steam boiler contributing for lower For more information or please contact us: Feedback Form or call us on +31 152 610 900 Source: Industrial water management presentation UNESCO-IHE

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Absolute = Gauge + Atmospheric (Atmospheric at 101325 bar ie normal atmospheric on the sea level at 0°C) Boiling point: Temperature of saturated vapour or also of ebullient water under the same

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Shell are often operated with feedwater temperatures lower than 100°C Consequently the boiler is required to supply enthalpy to bring the water up to boiling point Most operate at pressures higher than atmospheric because steam at an elevated

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Operating -1205 /cm 2 Total co mbined steam generation with all 3 process 559 MT/Hr Steam temper at ure outlet (steam drum) -324 0 C

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