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are organic materials produced in a renewable manner Two categories of woody and animal wastes comprise the vast majority of available Municipal solid waste (MSW) is also a source of have low energy densities compared to fossil

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· It has been found that utilizing biomass in boilers offers However care should be taken to other environmental impacts of biomass such as land and water resources soil erosion loss of

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Biomass fuel generally includes wood which may be in the form of wood logs wood chips or wood pellets Wood chips and wood pellets can be fed both manually as well as automatically into the furnace while wood logs are mostly fed manually in the boiler

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· Emissions of individual pollutants at combustion of solid fossil fuels (black coal and lignite) and of biomass (wood pellets) in boilers can be found by the analyses of data obtained from different experiments or commercial measurements of emissions

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· the and it is one of the most attractive and easily implemented biomass technologies It can be deployed in nearly all types

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