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tubes contribute to the of the steam temperature at the modeling of the is the subject of few tubes based on the empirical formulas

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One of the main differences between the is the steam pressure The outlet pressure of the in a subcritical drum for example is for example at 186 MPa while the outlet pressure of the is only 40 MPaWhen a supercritical is operated under normal load the heating surfaces of the and have to increase in order to

Spray in Superheaters and Reheaters of High Capacity Boilers

Water spraying in both superheater and reheater is a very commonly adopted method In using a spray water system there are many points to be addressed as otherwise serious failures can result The superheaters and reheater are sized in such a way that the full steam temperatures are achieved from

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The efficiency of the steam cycle is improved by higher steam pressure and tempera­ture as well as reheating Both superheating and reheating of steam have to be as high as possible At a steam pressure of 120 bar and higher the cycle efficiency improves by 1% for every 20°C rise in superheat

Superheater and Reheater Temperature Control in Boilers

In large capacity the injection type desuperheating is adopted for temperature control in power can also be technically classified as superheaters however the type of control adopted is mainly varying the heat available from flue gas side by bypassing the flue gas to the side (The Babcock design) and the burner tilt to vary the radiant heat availability (The

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