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Boilers for Laundry & Dry Cleaning | Superior Boiler

Superior is a leading supplier of high-pressure for large laundry and facilities around the world We provide customized systems that are built to order along with unbeatable customer service We use non-proprietary parts to make maintenance easy and cost-efficient laundries use to supply heat for hot water storage tanks and pressing machines

KM600H Dry Steam Cleaning Machine - Top Canvas Services

KM600H Dry Steam Cleaning Machine KM600H VAC are developed for the and sanitizing of surfaces and locations High efficient with a temperature of 170°C and a pressure of 10 bar saturated dry steam produced thanks to a new boiler project The large range of accessories allows a practical and easy use of the machine in different locations

Dry-Cleaning Equipment - Dry Cleaning machinery parts

For over 35 years Gulf States Laundry Machinery has been an award winning leader in the distribution of the - and laundry in the - industry Gulf States understands the demanding - industry such as production quality labor and of

boiler agent for dry cleaning industry

Parrisianne is a leading and equipment supplier Sales & servicing of Union Jumag steam generator Boilers and technical experts and a credit to the dry cleaning industry Parrisianne is the original National Agent for

Industrial process steam generators

Process Generators READY-TO-SHIP are in stock for many popular models Electra is a manufacturer of & electric for such as process heater water mix heating &

Dry Cleaning & Industrial Laundries :: Fulton

Fulton has been a premier provider of high-pressure for the and laundry markets for over sixty years and there are many from those early days of production that are still in use today! Our durable and simple vertical design is a perfect fit for small family-operated laundry and large / laundries alike

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