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· Many have seen a significant increase in their and a significant decrease in their costs after installing Miura into their plant Contact a Miura rep in your area or call us at 1-678-685-0929 to learn more about choosing a system for your

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How are in and other medical facilities? A safe is necessary to maintain a healthy humidity level and power autoclave sterilizers Capable of efficiently supplying under fluctuating load demands Miura industrial offer space-savings incentives that transform and improve the layout and functionality of your new or existing room and will keep your going in the event of an occurring

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· There are several approaches to improving the of the heat source in Heat from the flue gas is not recovered and exits into the atmosphere a potential source of saving and hot water reticulation systems also result in losses While improvement can be a source of savings as the heat distribution and usage system can be upgraded with good results

How to design high-efficiency hot-water systems for hospitals

· A conventional will operate with similar to that of a conventional in the 80% to 85% range are also available which can operate in the same ranges as a (approximately 98%)

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· Estimated efficiency of steam circuit (boiler + transport) : 81%: Present energy consumption per year for hot water : 450 MWh/year: Efficiency of directly fired condensing boiler : 98 %: Energy savings per year : 78 MWh/year

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