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Restricts backflow of from to which has been shut down and accidentally opened The feature should not be relied upon for primary shut-off Cylindrical shaped disc is the only pressure-actuated part light in weight with Iron Body

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Where two or more are connected to a common in addition to the main a second shall be incorporated in the connection and this shall be capable of being locked in the closed position This allows better protection for a decommissionedboiler when isolated from the distribution

F-869-B - Angle Valve - Steam Stop-Check Cast Iron

The design prevents flooding by automatically closing when steam and condensate begins to back up These are also used to isolate in a system The is Class 250 flanged iron body and bronze mounted trim (IBBM) 2-1/2" and 3" sizes available in PTFE seat only (F-869-Y) The NIBCO® angle has flanged end connections

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· The main function of a non-return valve (NRV) otherwise known as stop or valve is to allow flow in one direction and automatically prevent backflow In other words they prevent from flowing back to the main of the or back to a that has failed or is off-line

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