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water/ cycle halo-organics from the make-up water condenser water and lastly direct chloride contamination of the make-up storage tanks from the hot

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When the liquid absorbed enough heat energy it will change to vapour form As the steam is not allowed to exit it will cause an increase in pressure and thus causing the temperature to increase Applications of include water boiler gasified power plant and cooking utilities

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10 OBJECTIVE:-The objective of this lab is to decide the connection between temperature and pressure in equilibrium 20 THEORY water boils does not turn to in an enclosed vessel when in open vessel at a temperature 100 C which is until at higher temperature The heat initially causes water molecules to evaporate which make the pressure in the chamber and

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· results in the loss of both latent and sensible energy while condensate is the loss of sensible energy Though plant personnel should pay attention to all utility losses they should pay even greater attention to the costs and problems associated with those losses related to

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This experiment is carried out by using is use for the understanding of basic properties of saturated Set the temperature controller and observe the temperature rise as the water boils The temperature and different readings is record as the

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When a large amount of feedwater enters the the space above the water level becomes foggy This fog and the resultant water-contaminated low-quality continue until the water in the becomes reasonably isothermal The second problem is the suppression of the rate of


· Types of heat loss in in power plant: 1 Loss due to dry flue gas 2 Loss due to hydrogen in fuel 3 Loss due to moisture in fuel 4 Loss due to moisture in air 5 Loss due to carbon monoxide 6 Loss due to surface radiation 7 Unburnt losses in fly ash 8 Unburnt losses in bottom ash 9 Unaccountable losses (blow down losses etc)

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issues do not fix themselves and the can worsen over time Here are seven common problems: 1 Infrequent or Irregular Maintenance Irregular maintenance often is the heart of problems with Your needs regular maintenance based on how often its used

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