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· There is also the option of developing hybrid systems where the would be linked with an air source pump outside of the home Finally trials are underway at Keele University to develop a natural gas/ blend that will use 20% **

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- Wikipedias are water heaters fueled by gas or oil They achieve high efficiency by One of the hot gases produced in the combustion process is (steam) which arises from burning the hydrogen content of the fuel and buffering agents reduces corrosion of the aluminium heat exchanger Boilers - Govuk

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· How it works The firstpowered domestic in the world is based on a catalytic burner fueled by gas Within the reaction channel a self-priming catalyst activates the oxidation process with no need for electricity Low-concentrated combines with the oxygen in the surrounding air; this reaction produces thermal energy or in other words heat

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The operating principle of the is the same as that of a running on natural gas says Peter Snel CTO of BDR Thermea Group In the future we will be able to exchange conventional gas for on a like for like basis provided the supply of is available through natural gas pipelines

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· manufacturers While arent yet available to buy leading manufacturers Baxi and Worcester Bosch are both planning ahead Baxi Baxis parent company BDR Thermea have been at the forefront of technology for a number of years Now Baxi are developing their very own

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