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When my inside needs it uses a separate circulation pump to pump through the plate exchanger which warms the to my house My setup runs from the to a plate exchanger (which heats the that circulates through my house) then on to my sidearm exchanger which is attached to my hot heater then back to the where the

Radiant Floor Heat With an Outdoor Wood Boiler

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Fractional horsepower circulating pump Coil can be seen in background These packaged wood-fired are now available to burn waste products like old shipping pallets pellets corn and coal Most designs have automatic combustion air controls and only need to be refilled once per day

Burning Too Much Wood In Your Outdoor Boiler

It is important to note that when the temp is at its normal operating temp range of 172 to 182 degrees all the moisture from the that is burned off will EXIT THE HARMLESSLY AS STEAM But again when the temp is below 140 degrees that moisture condenses on the walls and tubes of the

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· As the up in a typical gas or oil the aquastat (a thermostat for water hence the AQUA) closes the circuit to start the circulating pump As the cools down the pump shuts off These are robust and

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water enters the vessel through the normal inlet and the wood-warmed water moves on to a conventional electric heater through the standard hot outlet All of the lines are well insulated with 1-thick high-density foam Of course if the water were

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