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For a burner that is 95-percent efficient divide by 095 In the example: 40000 BTU divided by 1075 = 3721 Adjusting for burner efficiency: 3721 divided by95 = in one hour Keyword: Industry steam boilerGas Boiler BurnerCalculate Gas Consumption


Where CFH = Cubic BTUH = BTUs Using our rounded safe number of 1000 BTU cubic foot on natural the required flow rate for this new unit heater would be 1000 CFH (100000 ÷ 1000) Air with Natural Many air applications use

Calculate the LPG Consumption per Hour by Burner Size: MJ

If you have a heater that consumes 25MJ/hr to calculate the LPG consumption per hour just divide 25 by the values in the MJ column of the consumption conversion chartG MJ per litre) 25÷49 = 051kg per hour (LPG MJ per kg) 25÷965 = 0259 gallons per hour (LPG MJ per Gallon)

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The small burner on your gas cooker (typically 11 to 13 kW output) will use approx 1kWh to 15 kWh in one hour A 2kW gas fire will use approx 2kWh in one hour when operating at maximum output It would take approx 92 kWh of gas to heat a 120 hot water tank by 60 degrees Celsius (based on approx 90% boiler efficiency)

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3 Determine the thermal efficiency of the Fuel formula= output/fuel heat value/ thermal efficiency So can calculate the of 10 tons of steam = 6 million kcal ÷ 098 ÷ 8400kcal / m3 = 716m3 consumpt fuel

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The boiler gas consumption calculation need the following parameters: such as natural gas calorific value 8500kcal/m3 pressure 8-10Kpa and theoretically the gas consumption of boiler heat = boiler calorific value÷ (Calorific value of natural gas x Boiler thermal efficiency )= 2400 000 Kcal / (8500Kcal * 094) =297m3/h here we take 4 tons of natural gas boilers for example then the boiler gas consumption

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Fuel Calculation 2017-07-04 15:07:05 Many customers ask us price the cost of the and how to calculate fuel when they want to purchase a For the calculation of fuel firstly determine the specifications and steam production and the actual enthalpy increment of the is calculated from the steam

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Using kW and kWh you can work out how much gas your boiler is using and therefore how much it costs A 24 kW boiler will use 24 kWh of energy per hour According to Choose the cost is approximately 38 pence per kWh which means it would cost around 91 pence to run a boiler for one hour This will change depending on the cost of gas and the size and age of your boiler

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