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Boiler Water Columns The Levelstate Sidearm Water Column from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is made from either large-bore thick-walled carbon-steel extruded sections conforming to ASTM A105 or thick-walled seamless pipe in carbon steel or stainless steel The seamless section design and fabrication meets the requirement of ASME B311 Power Piping Code The Levelstate Sidearm Water Column

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The Pressure vessels (cylinder or tank) are used to store fluids under pressure If thesel are design in the form of column to separate the gas at upper portion and liquid is collected at bottom so called column generally a (column) Upvote (1) Downvote (0) Reply (0)

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A column if used must be connected to the boiler using a cross or equivalent pipe fitting at each right angle connection in order to allow visual inspection and cleaning of the connecting pipes Sludge or sediment of any kind in the column or connecting pipes can cause false water level indications

46 CFR § 5201-110 - Water-level indicators water columns

When columns are provided they shall be fitted directly to the heads or shells of boilers or drums by 1 inch minimum size pipes with shutoff valves attached directly to the boiler or drums or if necessary connected thereto by a distance piece both at the top and bottom of the columns

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· Codes for pressure can be found in the ASME and Pressure Code (ASME BPV code) While there is no formal definition generally any closed over 150 mm in diameter and that will experience a pressure difference of greater than 05 bar can be classified as pressure

Volume XVIII: Earthquake Loads on Pressure Vessels

· The simple rigid-structure approach was used in the early building codes For a short heavy or a horizontal drum on two supports this design procedure is easy to apply and probably justified However it cannot be reasonably applied to tall slender process regardless of their dynamic properties

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