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These tests paved the way for our first intensive pilot to determine the feasibility of thermal operations in the diatomite at South Belridge Previous thermal pilots in the diatomite have utilized cyclic The only previous pilot for steamflooding 39 also in the South Belridge targeted a light interval This pilot therefore represents the first cyclic followed by steamflooding for a

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quality unit production Up to 5 years warranty Energy-saving US $5000-$30000 / Set 10 Sets CNPS 1002 15 Ton Up to 5 years warranty US $1980000 / Set 1 Set (Min Order) CNPS Petro Equipment Co Ltd

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8413701090 Product Description Plunger Pump/Piston Pump Our primary reciprocating pump offerings are the T series and Q series These pumps are reciprocating pumps offered in either a triplex or quintuplex configuration All are available as plunger pumps and

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Typical dryness superheated parameters: Rated evaporation: 23t/h Fuel: crude / Rated working : 172MPa thermal efficiency: 91% (fuel )/92% (fuel ) Rated working temperature: 360 Operating superheat: 5 Operating exhaust temperature: 160 (fuel )/130

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1 ton 2 ton 3 ton used in plastic molding machine The is provided with the movable front and back smoke boxes covers Also our is equipped with the burner in great performance The is with full butt welding wet

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First high-temperature is for up to 1 month Second the formation is allowed to soak for 1 or 2 weeks to allow heat to diffuse and lower viscosity Third is pumped out of the well until production falls to uneconomic rates which may take up to 1

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is also called moisture generator or injected which is special equipment for thickness exploitation produce temperature and to heat the raw under earth to reduce viscosity of thickness and increase the liquidity of thickness This process will increase the raw production of

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Reservoir Mechanics The principal recovery mechanisms by which is recovered by are: viscosity reduction distillation stripping thermal expansion relative permeability and capillary alteration drive gravity drainage solution drive -phase miscible (in situ solvent) drive and emulsion drive

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